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Problem/Solution, on MPEG export: Adobe Premiere Pro failed to return a video frame. Canceled the operation.


A solution / tutorial to another problem with Premiere that shouldn't happen in the first place. Again I spent half a day tracking down the solution to this problem, so here's another Premiere tip to help you save time. (The first problem was editing Sony mpg files in Premiere).

There's nothing more frustrating than being up against a deadline, and part way through outputting your masterpiece, Premiere throws you the link "failed to return a video frame. Canceling the operation". Arrgh! It took much searching to find not only these solutions but the files that they need. Most things I found pointed to either Adobe Tech Document 330380 (now either deleted, moved or hidden) or linked to the MainConcept site file link, now also deleted, moved or hidden.

Assuming you're not trying to re-encode a faulty video file, then the problem here lies mainly with both Windows and the MainConcept MPEG Encoder. There are two solutions. I've verified that solution #1 works. I didn't need to try #2, but you could try if solution 1 doesn't work for you.

Solution 1: Install the Adobe Media Encoder 1.1 update.

The file you need is called : Adobe_Media_Encoder_PPro1.5_Update_v1.1.exe You will find many links to this on the internet and they nearly all link to the MainConcept website, who produced the faulty mpeg encoder in the first place. However they have removed the file and link from their site and are no longer supporting their problem product. If you can't find it elsewhere on the net (such as Rapidshare), then contact me and I could send it. At the moment I don't want to put as a download as I don't know how much traffic that would generate/copyright hassle, but if I get too many email requests for this,I might do that.

Solution 2: Install the Windows XP KB886716 update from Microsoft.

Visit the Microsoft download website at and search for KB886716 for the update.

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