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I have got a forum for Heanor Gate people, past and present. The forum is part of a set of another site, but there is a Heanor Gate bit. Click here for the Heanor Gate School forums.

After the 2nd Reunion, the barbecue, I decided to create a few pages for the nostalgic with the new and old pictures I have, plus a couple of other memory joggers.

Click on the small picture to view the full one.

I'm trying to create a list of all the teachers that we had - here it is so far.

I'm also trying to create a list of all the pupils in our year -here it is so far.

Any amendments or additions,email me.

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2002 Pictures  

Pictures from the July 2002 Reunion Barbecue

Pic #1 Pic #2 Pic #3
Pic #4 Pic #5 Pic #6
Pic #7 Pic #8 Pic #9
  Pic #10  


1989 Pictures  

Pictures from July 1989

Wayne Allsopp, Edward Quinnn, Daniel Marks and Adrian Gillott Shaune Fradley Richard Hardy and David Lee
Mr Larimore's RG Shaune Fradley Hardy & David Lee
Nigel Spencer Ripley and Heanor News Ripley and Heanor News
Nigel Spencer Exam Results #1 Exam Results #2


Other Pictures  

Other Pics. Thanks to Martin Key, Dan Marks and Lizzie Bennet for some of these.

HGS Godspell Heanor Gate School report Heanor Gate School Ties
Godspell1 Blue book of death Old school tie
HGS Godspell Heanor Gate School Teachers 1987 Teachers
Godspell2 Teachers 1987 Teachers
Adrian Gillot Jason Carrington  
Adrian Gillot Jason Carrington  

Heanor Gate School has now been renamed as Heanor Gate Science College I see.

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